Plot and Counter Plot

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Plot and Counter Plot Empty Plot and Counter Plot

Post  williamwriter on Mon Feb 16 2009, 13:46

Plot and Counter Plot

The gallant knight, Sir Lancelot, his name,
attacked the dragon, and endured its flame,
to save the young damsel, so lovely and fair,
and killed the fiery dragon with much fanfare.

The reason he parried, thrust, and made such fuss
was to impress and take the damsel's heart thus.
So, he had won and now he struts his charms
He sweeps the fair damsel into his arms.

But little does he know that the damsel fair
knew she could beat the dragon in its lair.
But while he was subduing the dragon's might
the fair damsel was subduing the gallant knight.

So while in pursuit of a pretty gem,
a wary one sees who is pursuing him.

©️ Copyright 2005 WilliamWriter

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Plot and Counter Plot Empty On your witing

Post  Moondog2277 on Mon Feb 16 2009, 20:42

A fancy for the medievil set in motion.
Great wording and wonderfully done up.

I enjoyed this a lot.

I even read it twice.



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