Wisdom is What?

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Wisdom is What?

Post  Moondog2277 on Thu Mar 12 2009, 18:00


What is wisdom??

Wisdom is the ability to understand the differences in many things. We have wisdom of nature--We see clouds we know it may rain or snow depending on the season of the year.

We know that if there is a fire burning we don't put our hand in it because we will be burned.

We know we have to pay our debts if we want to keep a good name.

These are simple Wisdoms of earthly living.

But Godly wisdom is a deep kind of wisdom in spiritual matters.

We need the wisdom to be able to discern God's word from evil influences that would cause us to sin.

We need to ask God to give us this wisdom that we may succeed in accomplishing our transformation into a righteous kind of being that will merit the acceptance into the heavenly kingdom.

Wisdom -- is the ability to know the truths in GODS word for our daily living by His Spirit, Because, without wisdom we can fall prey to ungodly advise and doctrines, and false hopes and faith.

We desperatly need this wisdom in order to survive the onslaught of the evil that is ever present in hidded places we may not know about. Like our own minds and the minds of other who THINK they know it all when they may be just book smart or led to wrong doctrines themselves and are trying to teach those same doctrines to us.

How else can we know the difference but by the wisdom of God the Father through the Spirit.


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Post  Tobiejo on Thu Mar 12 2009, 19:18

Amen and Amen


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