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A New World Awaits Empty A New World Awaits

Post  williamwriter on Fri Mar 27 2009, 00:46

I wrote this one for a new member at Writing.com. Neko will be 16 on 29 March.
A New World Awaits

While all things are so rapidly changing;
No one sees my transformation at all.
My emotions, here to there, are ranging
Can’t folks see that my old bounds are too small?

An older teen notices me and… what now?
My heart has never pounded so hard before.
And for one of the opposite sex… wow!
Feelings never known now make my mind soar.

Something is afoot, new horizons loom.
I am so afraid yet I am excited.
I leave childhood; life’s new thrill I assume.
I wonder who I am; yet feel delighted.

Though the change is so rapid and obscene;
I am so very glad to be sixteen!

©️ Copyright 2009 WilliamWriter


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