“Natural” Science and God’s Science

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“Natural” Science and God’s Science

Post  William on Thu Mar 26 2009, 00:11

“Natural” Science and God’s Science

Is there a difference between God’s Science and Man’s Science?

At first sight, they seem much the same. Well, a little different in perspective, but much the same.
For instance, both God and man agree that atoms exist. The difference, of course, is that God made the atoms; man only has just now discovered that they exist. Man can describe, to some extent, how atoms consist and hold together. God knows even the pieces that make up the Protons, Positrons, Electrons, and Neutrons. Science is the unveiling of God’s creation to the eyes of men.

But, then, man’s science only goes so far. For instance, man and God agree that gravity exists and that the Earth circles the Sun; and the Moon circles the Earth. However, God made the Sun, Earth, and Moon. Gravity is the force made by God to hold the Moon, Earth, and Sun in their appointed orbits. Man theorizes a Big Bang, but man was not present when God created the universe. God may have chosen to create the universe by speaking a Big Bang into reality. I really don’t know and can only speculate by my interpretation of Scripture. But it is a moot point, for where was I when God spoke His universe into being?

Now, let’s step into a new territory on the difference between God’s Science and Man’s Science. God has placed man in a position superior to the animals and the rest of creation. Man’s Science places man as an animal among animals. In God’s Science, man is made in the image of God and can even become a Child of God. Man’s Science sees man as a hairless ape.

Why does this matter? In God’s world, man has a responsibility to other men and to his wife and children. In man’s view, man is just an animal, so in the end, none of this matters. In fact, man in man’s view, only has to answer to his government and his society. He can have sex as a fun activity rather than worry about some kind of bond. If a human is formed in these activities, it is only an animal and can be eliminated. In fact, as man continues in Man’s Science, he can even improve on mankind by eliminating the weak so that the fittest survives. Cloning and genetic designing are the obvious directions that Man’s Science will eventually take us. After all, we are only talking about animals when we talk of man in the eyes of present Man’s Science.

Only in God’s eyes does man have worth. Man’s Science cannot define love or where it comes from. Man might be able to give an explanation for attachment to others, but Man’s Science cannot lay rules for moral actions or a system of doing right.

If a person ends up in the military and finds himself in a foxhole under hostile fire, Man’s Science cannot give comfort or hope. If this person calls out to Science as a god, Man’s Science cannot answer or protect. All Man’s Science can give is the fact that if the bullet hits you, it will either wound or kill you. Man’s Science has no provisions for life after death, nor comfort for the soul. Man’s Science is silent when times are emotionally tough.

However, God will not only give you strength in the foxhole, but will lead you to take the action needed against the enemy. You can trust God to be with you as you grab the destiny He has shown you. Jeremiah told the people of his time that "My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water. (Jeremiah 2:13) These cisterns were pockets in the rocks that collected the rain water. These are cracked and cannot hold water.
Like the Children of Israel, we have traded God for Man’s Science, and the cisterns of Man’s Science are so inferior to God, our creator and sustainer, whose very action of creating and holding His creation together is the real science while Man’s Science is just the small portion of God’s craft that man can see.

As man continues to go down this trail, we will see the wind that man is planting turn into the hurricane-like whirlwind. We will not only see, but we will reap this tornado and it will destroy lives and homes!

As present day mankind tries to force me into their mold, they will find that they can make life for me tough, but they cannot take God out of my heart and being. I am born again and have been changed. The Holy Spirit lives within me and cannot be removed. I am a new creature. I will trust God as I face the whirlwind our society is about to reap!
Have faith!

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