Are You Disabled

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Are You Disabled

Post  Moondog2277 on Thu Mar 12 2009, 17:58

We Are all Disabled

We, are all disabled. That's right! ALL of us are disabled in some form or other.

Take a moment and look at ---'YOU'---..Do you see a perfect person?

If you say yes--you are deluding yourself. Sorry if the truth hurts, but NO ONE is perfect, no, not one person in this whole wide wide world.

Many have disabilities that are clearly visible, like blind people, downs syndrome people, paraplegics, deaf persons, to name a few.

There are those whe have non-visible disabilities too, like epilepsy, heart disease, leukemia, and other disorders that prevent us from the 'norm' that the rest enjoy.

If you are poor --you are financially disabled, you have the inability to do what those who have wealth can do.

Even if you are rich --you are disabled too, in the fact that you may not find happiness in all the things you own and worry about someone trying to steal what you have --you have the inability of total peace of mind.

Even the slightest lack of having ones needs met can be a disability. The inability to buy clothing, medications, paying doctors etc. The inability to self sustain our basic needs. But, some have been overcome and we fail to see these as disablities to the point we never knew they were disabilities.

There are lack of abilities in speaking, playing a sport, writing, drawing, painting, or just doing something that another person can do that you can not do. Also anything in undersatanding the simplest thought to the most complex ideas.

To lack understanding, love, compassion, hope, charity --is a disability.

Lacking understanding disables us in compassion, Compassions lack disables us to feel true love for others.

We seldom accept the disabilites we have,and pass them off as 'nothing much to worry about'

Hmmmm. Now I wonder if worrying is a disabiliy.


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More positive than it might look

Post  Dan Ellsworth on Thu Mar 12 2009, 22:54

We're all disabled, we all are differently-abled, we all have areas of non-ability. This isn't a glass-half-full versus glass=half-empty exercise; we all have hundreds of glasses, ranging from empty to overflowing. This writing broadens the viewpoint beyond that of formal disability, or its' lack.

Some people can do two or five things at a time, mostly correctly. In terms of such multi-tasking, I have substantial disability. Sometimes my wife helps out with that. In terms of night driving on two-lane country roads with traffic, my wife has some degree of disability. I help with that.

All disabled? Sure. All with abilities? Could be. What I get from this article is to be relaxed about it all, neither smug nor in despair. That's worth saying.

Dan Ellsworth

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